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Frequently Asked Questions

1.? What are the Estate Agents fees in Thailand ?
In Thailand the general fees for Real Estate Transactions are normally paid by the Vendor / Seller, and could start from 5% upwards, and also depending on the client's Real Estate Transactions services requests, though fees can vary on a case- by- case basis.
2.? Is it possible for a foreigner to own property in
A foreigner can own a condominium unit / apartment outright on his or her own name. Buying a house or villa
it is a little more complicated. It requires setting up a Thai company which will own the property, with the foreigner in control of the Thai company. We can arrange this for you, as it is part of our services. It can be done fairly quickly and it is relatively inexpensive.
In any case we always fully recommend to consult a Professional Real Estate Agent.
3.? Are there any government (council or municipal) property taxes or rates?
No. But for a purchase of a new property there is only a one - time charge for the transfer as well as a one -time charge for the electricity meter and water meter.
4.? What about electricity and water bills?
Utility costs are far lower than in Western countries.
5.? Can a foreigner obtain Bank Finance in Thailand?
It is not easy for foreigners themselves. It also depends on the foreigner's Legal Immigration Status in Thailand, though some Developers / Estate Agents offer property finance.
In any case we fully recommend to consult a Professional Real Estate Agent and/or read more here:

6.? What is the general method of payment for a Real Estate Transaction for foreigners?
Virtually all payments are made by International Bank Transfers in Foreign Currency. In any case we fully recommend to consult a Professional Real Estate Agent.
7.? What are the import duties of items, such as a cars or furniture?
Import taxes are quite high, especially on a new vehicles. It is cheaper, more convenient and less time-consuming to make such purchases in Thailand.
8.? Is there a demand on Rental Properties?
Being an international top destination by the sea as well as inland in the country side and with its very famous and popular tourist destinations, the demand is generally strong in Thailand, particularly in high season. Obviously, the finer properties in the best locations generate the most interest, and therefore generate more income to the investors. We always fully recommend to consult a Professional Real Estate Agent.
9.? Can a foreigner legally rent out property he owns in Thailand?
Yes. A foreign-owned property may be leased out to another third party.
Rental revenue is subject to a 12.5% tax on the annual income.
10.? If I have more questions.   What do I do?
We 'll be glad to hear from you and answer to your questions in all details. Please feel free to contact us,
and/or for more legal questions we recommend you to visit and read more here.
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