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                         RESTAURANTS - FOOD BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                                      BUDGET REQUIRED START FROM:                                                490,000 THB

  AVAILABLE: PATTAYA CITY - JOMTIEN BEACH - UDON THANI - NONG KHAI - BURIRAM                                                                   (Thai Company Formation Set-Up& Work Permit included)
                         BAR - BEER - LIQUEUR BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                                      BUDGET REQUIRED START FROM:                                                 590,000 THB

                         HOTEL- ROOM RENTAL BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                                   BUDGET REQUIREDSTART FROM:                                                720,000 THB
  AVAILABLE: PATTAYA CITY-JOMTIEN BEACH-UDON THANI - NONG KHAI -BURIRAM                                                                           (Thai Company Formation Set-Up included)

                         MOTORCYCLE RENTAL BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                                    BUDGET REQUIREDSTARTFROM:                                                 290,000 THB
  AVAILABLE: PATTAYA CITY-JOMTIEN BEACH-UDON THANI - NONG KHAI -BURIRAM                                                                           (Thai Company Formation Set-Up excluded)
                         COFFEE SHOP/DRINKS BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                                  BUDGET REQUIRED START FROM:                                               690,000 THB
  AVAILABLE: PATTAYA CITY-JOMTIEN BEACH-UDON THANI - NONG KHAI -BURIRAM                                                                 (Thai Company Formation Set-Up & Work Permit included)

                         INTERNET CAFE SHOP BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                             BUDGET REQUIRED START FROM:                                               190,000 THB
  AVAILABLE: PATTAYA CITY-JOMTIEN BEACH-UDON THANI- NONG KHAI - BURIRAM                                                                 (Thai Company Formation Set-Up & Work Permit excluded)

                         THAI MASSAGE SHOP BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                                     BUDGET REQUIRED START FROM:                                               790,000 THB

                         MOBILE SHOP - FOOD BUSINESS OPORTUNITIES:                                    BUDGET REQUIRED START FROM:                                                 95,000 THB

  AVAILABLE: PATTAYA CITY-JOMTIEN BEACH -UDON THANI - NONG KHAI -BURIRAM                                                                 (Thai CompanyFormation Set-Up & Work Permit excluded)

                                                                                                                 BUSINESS FOR SALE AND RENT
    A Sheep Farm Resort in operations along with all buildings, facilities in it,  and the land itself with land certificate / title deed is now for sale.
                       Selling price: 55,000,000 THB      OPERATES ALL YEAR AROUND (12 MONTHS)      INCOME / MONTH NOW: 890,000 THB
Guesthouse, Central Pattaya.
Asking Price: 14,500,000 THB
On a well trafficked street you will find this 4 story new built, only 300 meter from the well known Soi Buakhao. Close to city centerand the beach, Central Festival, Mike Shopping mall etc.
Price includes both building and business. Reception at bottom floor, laundry and kitchen together with a rented out shop (could be converted to a Restaurant - Bar).
Has 12 modern rooms with bathrooms. Nicely furnished with TV, refrigerator and AC. Key Card-System Entry.
Minimart, Eastern Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price:2,680,000 THB

East of Sukhumvit main road, in the middle of a villager, this Minimart is for sale. In full ongoing operation with inventory and stock. Existing room for your own living as well.

Guesthouse/Restaurant, Central Pattaya
Asking Price: 4,500,000 THB
Situated centrally on 3rd Road. Big Restaurant on the ground floor with 4 storey's. 3 Guestroom units on each floor. Total of 12 rooms to rent out.
All rooms come with Cable-TV, fridge and Bathroom. Rent: 90,000 THB monthly.
Go-Go bar, Central Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price: 2,300.000 THB
On one of Pattaya's best pleasure streets with 24 employes. Location one of the best. 1 unit, 3 storey's. Rent 40.000 THB/month. Key money 1.000.000 THB, paid for two year. OPPORTUNITY!
Gay Go-Go bar, South Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price: 2,500,000 THB
Center of South Pattaya at an excellent location, some 800 meters from Walking Street. Well known and profitable business. Ground floor in 1ฝ-plan, 3ฝ storeys all together. Floor 2 used as a dressing room for staff.
Floor 3 used as an office but could easily be converted into own living. VERY cheap rent at 20.000 THB/month. No key money. Opportunity for someone who wants to jump start.
Apartments Building, Central Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price: 13,000,000 THB
Newlly built apartments building on a great location, Situated centrally on 3rd Road just 300 meter of Soi buakhao, This 3 storey building consists of 8 rooms /apartments well fully furnished and decorated.
Good opportunity for your investment in a prime location for a reasonable price.
Apartments Building, South Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price: 32,000,000 THB
Luxurious apartments in the center of South Pattaya, just within a few minutes walking distance to Pattaya Beach, Walking Street, several supermarkets and Shopping centers and many bars and restaurants.
Situated on abusiness very busyroad. Big restaurant on the ground floor with 4 storey's on the top of it. Total of14 rooms for rent out, all rooms come with full furniture and decoration
with a modern kitchen and stove. Good opportunity for your investment in a prime location for a reasonable price.
Guesthouse, Central Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price: 4,500,000 THB
Perfectly located on the very popular Soi Buakhao with walking distance to Second Road, Pattaya Thai Road, Shopping malls and the famous Pattaya nightlife, together with new renovated and fresch rooms for rent,
makes this an exceptional good offer. Ground floor consists of a bar and restaurant also newly renovated, very fresh and open towards the very busy street.
Back of the building is a nice tropical garden also for serving beer and/or food.
In all there is room for some 35-40 guests. 9 rooms for rent out and a possibility to build up to 8 more rooms on the roof top. All rooms come with TV, Cable TV, Wireless Internet, refrigerator and ACs.
Leashold with rent of 70.000 THB/month along with 6 years contract.
Open bar, Walking Street, Pattaya.  (SOLD)
Asking Price: 3,500,000 THB
Perfectly located on Pattaya's most frequented / busiest night walking street, The world's famous Walking Street. It does not happen often that a bar like this is for sale, a real money earner.
Up to 28 sitting guests. Rent is 50,000 THB / month and key money 2,200,000 THB every 3 years. Contract is 3+3 years and key money paid for 2 years included in price.
Bar/Restaurant, Pratumnak Hill, Pattaya.
Asking Price: 3,500,000 THB
Very well good located on a Soi to Pratumnak Road, only 50 meters from the beach. Always busy since there are many condos and hotels around this area. Some 140 sitting guests.
Very low running costs, electricity and water together only 10,000 THB per month. Rent is 10,000 THB / month and key money 100,000 THB every 3 years.
Contract is on 6 years term and rent is now paid for the first 3 years, included in price. This is a very well managed moneymaker business.
Apartments Building, East Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price: 15,000,000 THB
This is a very well located in East Pattaya, consisting of 16 Apartment rooms building at an excellent price, only 15 minutes drive to South and Central Pattaya city.
A great opportunity for anyones investment.
Internet Shop, Central Pattaya. (SOLD)
Asking Price: 2,100,000 THB
Internet Cafe on the Groung Floor of a popular CondominiumProject in Central Pattaya area, excellent location. A good investmentwith fully computer equipments and ready to take over.Superb opportunity for serious investor.

Available space ideal for shop or office, 55 sq. mtrs, in the ground floor of a brand new condominium complex in North Pattaya. (See photos HERE)



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